Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Internet Data Security at Risk because of a bug called "Heartbleed"

Heartbleed, bug, SSL Codenomicon, Internet Data Security

A major security bug has been recently discovered that put millions of usernames, passwords and credit card numbers at risk from hackers. The bug has been exploited by hackers and NSA who snoop at everyone for more than two years. The bug is called "CVE-2014-0160" or "Heartbleed."

This is a different kind of breach, it is not like a web site getting hacked. It is a major bug, the code that suppose to keep servers secure has a flaw. Servers that keep data for thousands of sites. Experts say that this is the worst bug yet and everyone who uses the internet, do business using the internet should be worried.

It is like forgetting to unlock your car or your home, you may never know if a burglar will help themself stealing your stuff.

A Finnish security firm Codenomicon conducted a test exploiting the "Heartbleed" bug to try and steal data here how it goes:

"We have tested some of our own services from attacker’s perspective. We attacked ourselves from outside, without leaving a trace. Without using any privileged information or credentials we were able steal from ourselves the secret keys used for our X.509 certificates, user names and passwords, instant messages, emails and business critical documents and communication."

"Heartbleed" bug was discovered in a type of software called OpenSSL. OpenSSL is used on servers to encrypt sensitive information to protect people’s privacy. More than 500,000 servers were reportedly vulnerable.

Last March, another open-source encryption library "GnuTLS" discovered a bug that fails to correctly validate certificates. Now it's OpenSSL turn.

Administrators and vendors are scrambling to patch this bug since OpenSSL is used by millions of websites and it has affected almost everyone. The only way you website is not affected by this bug is if your website is not using SSL or you have an outdated versions of OpenSSL which are also equally risky.

As for Amazon, they are working to patch "Heartbleed" memory-leak vulnerablities in their Amazon Web Services hosting infrastructure.

Here are Online Tests that you can use:

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

LG Gives G2 and G Flex Knock Code

LG G2, G Flex, Knock Code, LG knock code

LG introduced G2 with a KnockOn feature that gives users the ability to wake or lock the device by just giving a double tap on the screen. Now LG has develop it gradually to a more secure Knock Code with the recently launched LG G Pro 2, this new feature allows the users to tap on the screen in a pattern that can be customized, which is definitely more secure way of accessing (locking/unlocking) the LG Smartphones. The Knock Code will be use for both the LG G2 and G Flex through a firmware update starting in April. Models that will be equipped with this feature are G Pro 2, G2 mini, F Series and L Series. Old version can also be updated through a firmware update.

The Knock Code security function use a "tap to unlock" gesture, it divides the smartphone screen into four invisible quadrants. The user simply need to "tap" or "knock" in an specific area to unlock the phone. The user will be able to assign from 2 to 8 taps in a quadrant using a specific sequence. This gives a combination of 80,000 possibilities which gives the smartphone a high security level.

Also the possibility of password theft will substantially decrease, considering the Knock Code is hard to mimic if you don’t know where to tap.

The Knock Code can easily be carry out anywhere on the screen and it works better than the bio-recognition systems since it is more responsive. LG hasn't announce the specific date for the roll-out. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Apple's iOS 7.1 update Shorten battery life

Apple's iOS 7.1 update, iOS 7.1 update battery life, short battery life Apple

The latest iOS 7.1 update by Apple has been blamed for a shorter battery life and the update is also blamed for other minor glitches in iPhone devices that have updated.

The other glitch that was reported includes, disrupt bluetooth connection, wifi connection issues, and lost contacts that are save in the phone memory.

iPhone users have storm the official Apple forum and Twitter to complain about these glitches.

Apple released iOS 7.1 last Monday and its their first major update to iOS 7, and it's causing a lot of problems I hope they fix it soon.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Battle of Smartphone Platform: Google and Apple Dominates

Smartphone Platform, Google, Apple, Android, iOs

According to a comScore Report, Android devices are the king of smartphones there are more people using it than any other Platform. Android has a comanding lead at 51.7% against Apple's 41.6%. It is for the three-month period ending January 2014.

The best benefits in dominating the smartphone platform is that it spills over into the web properties also. comScore reported that Google Sites ranked as the top web property on smartphones at 89.4% of the mobile media audience, followed by Facebook 86.6%, Yahoo Sites 86.2%, Amazon sites 69%, and AOL 56.9%.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nokia Likes XDA Developers Hack

Nokia instead of getting mad about hacking their phones got excited about a hack that will let Google Android apps and services run on Nokia X smartphone. Xda-developers member Kashamalaga found a way using Nokia X to run Google Play Store and apps like Google Now, Gmail, Google Maps, and Hangouts.

Nokia X use a forked version of Android like Kindle that has its own app store.

Nokia Developer Team Tweeted about it, and they sounded pleased.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, smartphone, Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, smartphone, Galaxy S5

The new flagship smartphone of Samsung the Galaxy S5 has been unveiled at the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on Monday, February 24, 2014.

The company give special importance to its built-in heart-rate sensor and improved camera features over its slightly larger size.

The screen size of Samsung Galaxy S5 is 5.1 inches and the camera is 16 megapixel which is a good upgrade from the S4's 13 megapixels. It also has a faster auto focus. You can also focus on a specific subject blurring the foreground or background of an image.

Galaxy S5 will be out in the market worldwide on April 11.

Key Specification of the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone:

Display - 5.1 inch screen with 1080p resolution however, they have a new technology that makes the screen brighter than the Galaxy S4.

Fingerprint Scanner - same with iPhone 5S that adds security to the device.

Power - It has a power saver feature that turns off power guzzler apps to preserve power.

The Phone has water and dust proofing. It also has a heart rate monitor.

Samsung Galaxy S5 colors charcoal, blue, gold and white

iPhone 5S


   Galaxy S5            

Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, smartphone, Galaxy S5

Size123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 (mm)142.0 x 72.5 x 8.1 (mm)
Screen4.0-inch LCD5.1-inch Super AMOLED
Resolution1136×640 pixels1080×1920 pixels
OSiOS 7Android 4.4.2 with Samsung UI
SD Card SlotNoYes
Processor64-bit A7 chip2.5GHz Quad core
ConnectivityWi-Fi, 4G LTE, HSPA+Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, HSPA+, NFC
CameraFront 1.2MP, Rear 8MPFront 2.1MP, Rear 16MP
BluetoothYes, version 4.0Yes, version 4.0
Motion ProcessorM7 chipHeart Rate Monitor
Fingerprint sensorYesYes
Water ResistantNoYes, IP67 rated
Battery1570mAh 2800mAh
ChargerLightning connectorUSB 3.0
MarketplaceApple App StoreGoogle Play Store
Ave. Price$200+$N/A
AvailabilityAT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-MobApril on AT&T, Sprint

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Come in Two Models

Samsung Galaxy S5 Will Come in Two Models, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Smartphone, S5

The case listing on Amazon for the Samsung Galaxy S5 suggests that it will come in two models a premium version and a standard version. The premium version some say will be called Galaxy S5 Prime.

The unveiling of the new flagship smartphone by Samsung will take place at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday February 24, 2014.

If you check an Amazon listing here, it suggests two versions of the Samsung S5 the Samsung Galaxy S5 (2014) and Galaxy S5 Prime (2014).

There are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime will come with a higher resolution display, 2560x1440 pixels, compared to a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels in the standard model. The Prime will also have a metallic casing.