Thursday, May 24, 2012

32 inch TVs - Toshiba 32HL833B

32-inch LCD TV is one of the most popular consumer electronics products because the size is reasonable and doesn't take to much space specially if you have a small room.

There are also plenty of choice in this category and with the technology of today going small doesn't mean you have to give up high-def.

Toshiba 32HL833B

  • Edge LED backlighting; 
  • Full HD resolutions


  • Does not have 3D, Web viewer, HD
  • lowlights are just two HDMIs
  • poor audio
  • lack of Freeview HD
  • In terms of colour saturations, sharpness and contrast it is just regular nothing to be exited about.
Overall, it is a efficient TV that delivers the basics well. It misses a DVB-T2
tuner and a soundbar cinema upgrade which is crucial, though multimedia are surprisingly excellent.