Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Firefox OS Devices are out in the market in Spain

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Smartphones that uses Firefox OS go on sale Tuesday in Spain. The system is an open source alternative that network operators hope will challenge the  Apple's iOS and Google Android.

Telefónica a Spanish telecoms company said that the ZTE Corp. “Open” will be available at Movistar stores priced at €69 ($90), including €30 for prepaid customers.

In Poland Deutsche Telekom AG has worked with Alcatel-Lucent and will be launching the One Touch Fire shortly. Prices and dates were not available.

The devices are designed for first-time smartphone owners and run an open-source operating system produced by a consortium headed by the Mozilla Foundation, the body behind the Firefox web browser.

The operating system is built using HTML5, the same language in which websites are built, which, Mozilla says, should make it much easier to develop apps.

source WSJ

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