Monday, September 23, 2013

A bug on iOS 7 allows anyone to make calls from locked iPhone

More iOS 7 security problems are coming to light, after the discovery of a Control Center vulnerability that allowed intruders to gain access, to the Photos app and to the user's Messages, Mail, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr accounts via the sharing menu, bypassing the passcode completely, another new security hole that allows anyone to make calls even through a passcode locked iPhone has been discovered by Karam Daoud.

Daoud posted a video with him trying to dial a number through a passcode locked iPhone's Emergency number dialler screen. The screen allows users to dial select emergency service numbers and rejects other unassigned numbers. But, after many failed attempts, Daoud was able to make a call to the number though the screen went black and displayed an Apple logo.

Daoud said that he already reported the bug to Apple's security team and briefed them on the security flaw. He said Apple requested more information and a video, and then thanked him and mentioned that the bug would be fixed in an upcoming software update.

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