Thursday, May 1, 2014

Facebook Updates Privacy Features with more Security

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Great news to million of Facebook users around the world. Facebook said that they have created a new privacy features that will upgrade the privacy control of their users. They have announced Wednesday new privacy features which let you control what information you want to share with apps for games, a new dashboard for managing app permissions, a new anonymous Login feature and other changes to the Facebook login.

Now it's a “hassle-free to log in and try apps” Zuckerberg said. You can also choose to continue to log in with full Facebook identification or not. It's a way to "to try apps without fear", Zuckerberg added.

Here are the list of New Privacy Features of Facebook:

1. Anonymous Login - using this option you will be able to try an app without sharing your personal information from Facebook.

2. Facebook Login - you will now have an option to choose what information to share if you use an app. Facebook said that in 2013 users logged into apps and websites using their Facebook login credentials more than 10 billion times.

3. App control panel - this will be the one place where you can manage the apps you use. You can manage a particular permissions for every app, you can also remove apps from the dashboard.

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