Thursday, July 3, 2014

The new Android L

Android L, Android kit kat
Android KitKat is the latest Android platform that has great features and improved performance but Google is not resting on their laurels. They now previewed their latest platform with even better performance and more features, the Android L. It was presented at the Google I/O developer conference that was held last June 25 – 26 at Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, USA.

The Android L will have a new look and it will be bold and a complete overhaul from the previous Android platforms. It will have a uniform design for mobile and desktop. It features new iconography and typography. It will also have bright and striking colors. Android L also offers 3D animations, new themes that has real-time shadows.

Google promised that Android L will have better notification process which you can launch by double tapping or get rid of it by swipping them away.

Android L will be equipped with ART. ART is the latest runtime complier that processes applications more efficiently. It can support cross platform and can give faster performance. It will also have an Android Extension Pack to give more detailed graphics for games.

Android L, Android kit kat

The best thing about Android L is the promise of an improved battery life. They will be introducing a feature called Project Volta that will make sure that the battery performance keeps up with the rest of the operating system.

Project Volta is created to enhance the overall battery life through optimization of the subsystems of the device. It also offers a Battery Historian tool and a Battery Saver mode.

Battery Historian shows the list of programs that drains your battery while Battery Saver will let you clock-down CPUs, turn down refresh rates and shut off background data to save your battery.

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