Monday, December 8, 2014

Bluetooth Updated to ver. 4.2 faster and safer

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The Bluetooth Special Interest Group said that there's a new version of their wireless connectivity specification that is designed to raise the level of security connections with Internet of Things (IoT) in mind. The Bluetooth ver. 4.2 will also increase the speed of connection.

"Key updates in 4.2 improve privacy and increase speed, and a soon-to-be ratified profile will enable IP connectivity. Bluetooth 4.2 opens up new opportunities for developers, OEMs and the industry to build a better user experience for consumers while creating use cases never before imagined," according to

Bearing in mind that some 28 billion gadgets will have internet connection by 2020, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group promised that they will make Bluetooth the best solution in connectivity "all the technology in our life."

This update is really important since anyone can just Google search for Bluetooth hacks and you'll get results on how to hack Bluetooth connection. With Bluetooth technology are now being use in cars and appliances, that kind of weakness was simply not acceptable.

The new update will ensure Bluetooth smart devices are not tracked, and that the data transferred through Bluetooth will be confidential. It also designed to use less power. The company said that data can be synced quickly and reliably up to 2.5x faster than previous versions. 

Here are the details of the Bluetooth 4.2 standard.

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