Thursday, December 10, 2015

Apple: Best of 2015 Apps and Games, Periscope best app

Periscope, Apple, best app, apps

Periscope which offers live video streaming was awarded the best iPhone app of the year 2015 by Apple. The best game of the year was given to Lara Croft GO, a spin-off of the Lara Croft video game series.

Children's education app The Robot Factory was named best iPad app, while the title of most innovative app of the year went to Workflow.

Periscope is an app that let's the user broadcast live video through their iPhones using the internet. It was acquired by Twitter last January.

Apple's top 10 iPhone apps of 2015:

1. Periscope
2. Enlight
3. Robinhood
4. Workflow
5. Instagram
7. Hopper
8. Darkroom
9. Lark
10. The Everything Machine

Apple's top 10 iPhone games of 2015:

1. Lara Croft GO
2. Fallout Shelter
3. Mr Jump
4. Dark Echo
5. Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade
6. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
7. Vainglory
8. Dungeon Boss
9. Puzzle Craft 2
10. PAC-MAN 256

Top 5 iPad Apps:

App of the Year: The Robot Factory
Runners-Up: HBO Now, Patterning
Most Innovative: LiquidText
Best App on iPad Pro: uMake

Top 5 iPad Games:

Game of the Year: Prune
Runners-Up: Rayman Adventures, Implosion
Most Innovative: Her Story
Best Game on iPad Pro: Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey

Top Apple TV Apps:

Zova – Personal Trainer
Kitchen Stories

Top Apple TV Games:

Rayman Adventures
Lumino City
Beat Sports
Skylanders SuperChargers
Guitar Hero Live

Apple Watch App of the Year:

Dark Sky

Apple Watch Game of the Year:


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