Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Amazon Prime Gives 20% Discount On Pre-Orders And New Releases

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Amazon wants to be everyone's game store, they are giving Prime Members 20% off on pre-orders And new releases. This is the new perk for Prime members that was introduced last Tuesday January 12, 2016.The deal is an really a good value, if you consider the release window offered by Amazon to unlock the discount.

Members get discounts on products and are able to access deals before non-members.

Amazon Prime which is a premium subscription service will give members on preorders, however the discount window is just two weeks after the release date. Which means they would be buying games that don't have many reviews yet. The discounted price could spur impulse purchases.

The discount is only valid for physical video game offers. Amazon Prime includes Prime Video.

If you're not yet a member of Amazon Prime and you plan to purchase a lot of new games then this is great deal for you. THe membership cost $99 per year.

Those who tend to purchase a lot of games will certainly appreciate flat savings of 20%, buy enough physical games throughout the year and the Prime membership will even pay for itself.

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