Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Apple's Newest Range iPads

Apple, US tech giant will be unveiling their new range of iPads at a Silicon Valley launch on Thursday October 16, 2014 in the hope to revitalize their spot at the top end of the tablet market.

The event will be held in an auditorium at Apple's campus in the Silicon Valley Cupertino, California. Apple will be competing with Google's new Nexus Android tablet that will be produced by HTC a Taiwanese tech company. The world tablet market is dominated by gadgets that is powered by Android software because most of it are priced lower. Apple's iOS software is the 2nd largest followed by Microsoft's mobile Windows operating system.

Jitesh Ubrani an analyst of International Data Corporation (IDC) said that the market for tablet are heading towards low-cost devices, and companies that will stick to their premium pricing will tend to lose share. iPads are priced at $500 while the mini version is at $400 while Android devices cost around $250 or $300.

It is expected that the new line of iPads will have enhanced features like fingerprint scanning and  Apple Pay mobile wallet which are included in the new iPhones.


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