Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jawbone New fitness trackers: The Up3 $180 and Up Move $50

Jawbone New fitness trackers, fitness, the up3, up move, health trackers
The Up3

Jawbone New fitness trackers, fitness, the up3, up move, health trackers
Up Move

Jawbone a San Francisco based technology and wearable products company unveiled two new devices in addition to their current line-up of fitness bands, The Up3 and Up Move.

The Up Move which is an entry level fitness wearable has a clip-on option just cost $49.99. It is equiped with an accelerometer that tracks steps, exercise, and calories burned. It can also monitors sleep. It can be worn on the user's wrist or clipped on to clothing. If you are just starting up with your fitness routine this is a great product. It is powered by a standard, replaceable watch batteries.

The Up3 is a high-end pricier fitness tracker. It has added functionality and it is the company’s smallest and lightest tracker yet. The combination of tri-axis accelerometer, bioimpedance sensors, and skin & ambient temperature sensors detects the user’s heart rate. It can also monitor the user’s resting heart rate, which the company said is an important indicator in overall heart health.

The Up3 can also monitors sleep and detects what type of workout the user is doing like jogging, running, swimming, tennis, or cross-training. However, you won't see any display on the bracelet. You will need a smartphone and the Jawbone fitness app in order to view the biometrics data it collects.

BOth device will be available at, Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, and Target stores later this month.

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