Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Samsung Sold 12 million units of Galaxy S5 in 3 months

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Samsung, a South Korea based smartphone manufacturer has sold 12 million units of Galaxy S5 for the month of April up to June. In 2013, they have sold 16 million unit of Galaxy S4 in the same period of April to June, that's a huge drop. Wall Street Journal also reported that Samsung sales for the Galaxy S5 is 40% lower than what they have expected.

Samsung manufactured 20% more units of Galaxy S5 than Galaxy S4. Unfortunately for Samsung the Galaxy S5 have not been selling too well like what they hoped, which caused merchandise piling up in warehouses. This gave Samsung no other choice but to dish out more money to marketing to sell more units.

The company has lost market shares from China, which is their biggest market by revenue. They have sold 50% units less of Galaxy S5 than the Galaxy S4 in the first 6 months of release. They have lost some market to local based smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi, Coolpad, Oppo and OnePlus.

In India Micromax and Karbonn is cutting through Samsungs market share, they have in fact given two official price cuts to Galaxy S5 within one month in India. It was launched at Rs 51,500 last April, now it costs just Rs34,900.

The only country in which the Galaxy S5 is doing well is in the United States which it outsold the Galaxy S4 in the same period.

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